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    MikroTik CRS504-4XQ-IN A 4x 100GbE Switch at Under 45W

    @i386 The table on page two mentions "2 stacking ports of 100GbE". So, maybe 8x 25Gbit SerDes in total on the chip.
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    Differences Behind 100GBASE-SR4 and 100GBASE-LR4 Optics

    Are mode conditioning patch cables still a thing for running LR on MMF?
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    ASRock Rack X570D4I-2T AMD Ryzen Server in mITX

    I have always assumed these kind of niche boards are ODM/built to spec and get into the channel just as byproduct or by lack of exclusivity agreement. The trade offs dont make sense to me otherwise.
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    NVMe boot with X9DAi

    Finally got around to doing this... 4.5years later. It worked using the win-raid guide. Should let my dual 2695v2 live on a few more years.
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    ASRock Rack X570D4U

    ASRock Rack > X570D4U-2L2T Looks like they fixed the CPU/Memory spacing from the X470D4U. And it has an HDMI on the back for APU usage.
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    AMD Ryzen 9 16 Core Launch and New Threadripper Details

    There was the 1900x. (Not disagreeing with you, seems like a niche of a niche product.)
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    ASRock Rack EPC621D4I-2M Motherboard Review

    Interesting board. A compute node, with limited memory requirements, and single pcie 16x nic? I'd love to see how these are getting used.
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    Looking for a quiet workstation

    The Dell Precision I have experience with make very little noise on normal operation. They do ramp up when loaded, but nowhere near rack server levels. I have a 5820 [only 2x 16x electrical, but all 16x physical] and two dual CPU T5610s sitting a couple feet from me. If I have an all core load...
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    WTB: LGA 1150 CPU

    Looking for an inexpensive LGA 1150 CPU to test a Z97 board I have. Anyone have one collecting dust before I go on ebay?
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    is there such a thing as a SFF-8087 (controller/host) to 4x SATA *male* connectors?

    Necro, but did this work? SAS card with SFF-8087 to SATA cables?
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    LG 27inch Freesync IPS 4K monitor $419 from Newegg

    To continue the OT: I tried using a 43in 4k panel as a monitor. I found I could only use 1/2 of it at a time for productive work, which lead to me using 2x 24in monitors stacked which I liked a lot more.
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    IBM branded STec (s840?) eMLC 400GB SAS SSDs $40/ea shipped

    It also looks like a dual port 1.8 connector... So maybe the interposer is converting sata to dual port sas?
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    GA-7PESH2 GIGABYTE, needs repair for $90

    The one in the picture has bent pins and a bent VGA. So probably do need a lot of rework. This is not who I bought one of these boards through in Jan 2019, but IIRC there were multiple sellers about that time.
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    Intel Scalable single socket board with 12 dimms ?

    Aquantia® AQC107 10G? I guess at least it has 10GbE. Odd that it isnt Intel though.
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    Gigabyte C621-WD12

    The EVGA SR-1 seemed to have started this board segment. Asus has made a similar layout of board for the last few generations of E5 V1-2 & V3-4. I cannot think this is high enough volume to need multiple sources. It is kind of interesting to see only 1GbE.