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    HP DL325, Epyc 24 core 7402p, 64GB, SAS $1611

    Where did you end up sourcing the backplane and cable from? I'm considering going with the 2 nvme backplane or to change out the main one.
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    Samsung PM953 960gb m.2 $179 and new

    I'm wondering if people are getting these for their desktop/laptop or are using them in servers. If it's in servers, is a pci-e card that holds one or two nvme drives being used? If if were possible to use them in existing 3.5 caddy slots than that makes more sense to me. I haven't checked...
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    HGST UltraStar SS200 7.68TB SAS SSD under 1.5k

    Looks like it's over. Unless I'm overlooking something.
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    BRAND NEW HGST 4TB SAS HUS726040ALS214 for under $70 ($55 for qty >= 10)

    Great call on the 3.3v. I recall people were running into that with the WD 8TB drive shucking bonanza.
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    FS: Dell/Supermicro Servers, Samsung RAM/SSDs and Juniper Switches

    Hey NSKA, Not to derail your thread but I've lurked for a while and am liking the community more so I signed up - yay! Down to business :) Do you still have the Dell R210ii? If so, do you also happen to have a dual sfp+ card for it? Since you seem to have a variety of parts I thought I'd...