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    No hotplugging on front USB Asrock Rack X570D4U-2L2T?

    So updating the BIOS didn't change anything, then I started digging... Turned out I had enabled USB powersaving in Linux during the setup phase figuring we wouldn't need the USB. Silly me. All good now!
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    No hotplugging on front USB Asrock Rack X570D4U-2L2T?

    Thanks guys I'll give a BIOS update a try first. This is the first of many Linux setups that's ever given me trouble like this (no USB hotplugging), got Debian 11 on plenty of other hardware and no USB hotplugging issues there.
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    No hotplugging on front USB Asrock Rack X570D4U-2L2T?

    I have an X570D4U-2L2T running Debian 11 which does not seem to detect anything plugged into the front USB ports at runtime. I have checked the BIOS settings and the manual, about the only setting I can find is 'Legacy support' for the USB ports and that's been set to enabled (for HID) to be on...
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    3x Crucial P3 500GB drives all failed within 24 hours...

    Were these sold by Amazon themselves or some third party sellers? Plenty of scams around for higher end storage (spinning rust mostly though).
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    Asrock X570D4U-2L2T Build

    My brother picked it up around 1150 € excluding VAT, the barebone that is, not the board. Was October 2021. So 1300 € including VAT is not a bad deal.
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    Epyc home server

    Have you got any other fans beside the one on your CPU cooler? Such cases tend to be designed for a forced (or at least forceful) airflow. Judging from your pictures, it looks like you're fully relying on your CPU and PSU fan, and I'd say for your peripherals that's a bit risky. As for your...
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    Realtek 2.5 Gbps WOL Config

    You should specify which OS you're on, RTL8125 is somewhat supported on all major consumer OSes. So let's assume Win10. Did you try this e.g.? It talks about Win11 but pretty sure most (if not all) applies to Win10 as well. Always worth a try.
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    Add PoE Switch to existing network

    @rhagu OpenWrt support for Realtek based switches (which is what most if not all of the ZyXEL GS1900 series is) is still pretty fresh, so consider me an early adopter on that front. For me it's easier to run OpenWrt on my switch(es) too as the rest of the network hardware (edge router, access...
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    Add PoE Switch to existing network

    @rhagu I couldn't say, sorry. I replaced the OEM firmware with OpenWrt the minute I got it.
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    Add PoE Switch to existing network

    I'm very happy with my ZyXEL GS1900-10HP personally. Total PoE+ budget is quite a bit lower than the Aruba (77W), but from what I find here in the EU the Aruba is more than double the price as well. I only got AC PoE+ access points so far, but they draw < 4W each.
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    Hardware Failures in 2021 - Post yours!

    An aging PSU here took out the home server (Celeron G1610). Took a while to diagnose unfortunately; it didn't die outright but made the server hang or reboot repeatedly. Found out systemd can show (re)boots with # journalctl --list-boots and that revealed a boatload of reboots on a single day...
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    ASRock Rack BMC Fan Control?

    Hey guys! I got an Asrock 1U4LW-X570/2L2T RPSU recently, with the X570D4U-2L2T onboard. I have scripted most of the commands shared here and in the Unraid thread. Might have a few rough edges but it works. Hope someone finds it useful! #!/bin/env bash # Script to manipulate fan speeds on...
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    Asrock X570D4U-2L2T Build

    @EffrafaxOfWug Would you mind sharing how you capped it? I have looked in the BIOS but apart from switching power profile under the Advanced > AMD CBS submenu, and disabling CPS (Core Performance Boost) I haven't found any such option in the BIOS. Running Linux on the board.