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    Intel Xeon E5-2695 V4 - $219 ($200 BO)

    Hello, I am also interested in one of the 2695s. But as I am from Europe I would like to ask for an advice concerning freight forwarder from USA to Europe. I will be very grateful for information (PM or in here (if it is possible to put such an information in here)) about reliable forwarding...
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    Which SC846 for modding for quietness?

    If You want to make SC846 really quiet please take a look at this: LINK I did this and with connection to SQ power supply it makes big difference in noise level.
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    Network planning / testing tools

    Hello, on the beginning Cisco Packet Tracer and then maybe GNS3. For CPT You do not need special hardware as it is not virtualizing stuff. GNS3 needs better hardware but also gives much more possibilities. Tomek
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    Brocade 57-1000012-01 Optics = Standard 10GB SFP+ For ICX Switches?

    Hello, I also can recommend Brocade 57-0000075-01. I used them with 6450 and 7250 without problems and they can be found cheap on ebay (I bought mine for 6 Euro each in EU).
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    New Brocade ICX7250-24P

    Hello, I think this is a good deal as seller accepted 220 Euro for new Brocade ICX7250-24P. Brocade 24 Rack Mountable Ports Managed Switch, ICX7250-24P-2X10G 2x1Gigabit | eBay Greetings, Tomek
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    x10sdv Bios (Xeon-D 1540)

    Hello, I got X10SDV rev 1.03 - the one with Xeon D-1540. Updated bios with newest version from Supermicro webpage (2.0c) without any problems. Tomek
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    Anyone done a Brocade 6610 fan mod?

    Hello, You may want to take a look at this: Tomek