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    Gigabyte MD71-HB0 (also: datto siris 4 enterprise) bifurcation bios mod

    A guide. Gigabyte has chosen not to expose bifurcation capabilities on this board. This board is also found in Datto Siris 4 Enterprise appliances if you scoop them up on ebay or whatever. Obvious warning that this is not running per the mfr specs anymore if you do this and I will not fix your...
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    My HDDs get too hot. What type of fans do I need?

    I have to second the notion on Arctic P12. They're really good for $7-10 each Even better if you can find them are Nidec Servo's "Gentle Typhoon" fans. Do you have noise requirements? If not, see if you can get PWM Delta fans. They aren't quiet but they aren't usually as expensive as Noctua.
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    can i use nvme ssd with lenovo NX360 M5?

    NVMe is just PCIe. It will work in anything with PCIe. booting from it is a separate concern @uberguru
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    can i use nvme ssd with lenovo NX360 M5?

    the problem with older server is that the system firmware does not have the UEFI drivers (called DXEs) for NVMe devices. so, unless the NVMe device has its own OPROM, it won't be seen as a bootable device. What you can do is put a bootloader on a different type of device or try and dynamically...
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    Looking for advice on running unsupported Truenas configs

    Late to this, but you really dont want to use H730. You should swap to H330/HBA330. There is a HBA mode for H730, but it doesn't 100% pass all of the drive controls/stats to the system, from my experience.
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    Need M.2 heatsink recommendations

    I have owned a few. My list is pretty short, so take with grains of salt. The best that I have used are the EK ones. The fit, finish, and thermal performance is the best I have used. Not quite as good, but was cheap-- GELID SubZero M.2 MicroConnectors M.2 heatsink (whatever microcenter has) --...
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    EDIT*** Questions Re: Onboard LSI3008 and HBA's

    I will chime in a bit here. I do have the A1SRI-C2758F board and it did have to go back for warranty about 6 months ago. I did the advance RMA with the credit card deposit and it was completely painless, no questions asked. I use it for basic Internet routing and OpenVPN on a 1000/1000 FTTH...
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    Has anyone ever replaced a HD SAS connector?

    as far as I know, no difference between the two connectors, but I don't see a link either and I'm assuming you have a Fractal R4/R5 case. Those things have notoriously bad cooling, but you can probably mitigate it with arctic P12/P14 fans. the fans it comes with can't push air through the...
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    Boot drive recommendation for (homelab) Proxmox system?

    If you have the right board (or dont mind doing some DIY-wiring), I like the 64GB innodisk SATADOMs you can find on ebay pretty inexpensively.
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    NVMe drives for KVM on ZFS

    Update: Picked up two Sabrent Rocket Plus 1TB drives. Newegg/Sabrent got a $25 off coupon for it right now.
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    NVMe drives for KVM on ZFS

    Hey Tracker, I already have a set up with 4x M.2. The question is not "how to hook them up" but "which drives to buy". Sequential is largely irrelevant as this is for virtual machine performance. Check the original post for more context PS: I'm the author of the thread for multi-nvme without...
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    NVMe drives for KVM on ZFS

    Just want to bump this again. I don't think ZFS tuning is the problem at this point, but I'm open to suggestions and/or might post that specific question in the Linux category separately. Going back to the original ask, what NVMe drives are people using on ZFS for virtual machines? I can't be...
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    NVMe drives for KVM on ZFS

    Update: re-created with ashift=13 (was ashift=9), no L2ARC, set compression to zstd-fast-10 (was lz4). I'm getting like 28-40MB/s reading in the database. Still pretty disappointed, so looking for suggested tweaks or other drives to buy into that can handle being hammered like this and be more...
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    NVMe drives for KVM on ZFS

    It seems I need to recreate the pool. Not sure why zfs auto picked ashift=9 for modern nvme drives... very strange, but this was created with much earlier zfs. I've evacuated everything and the frag % would not go under 36%. So, I'm not sure about the wisdom of copy out, destroy, copy back to...
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    NVMe drives for KVM on ZFS

    fragmentation -> 50% (huh, interesting) - side observation -- it seems the guest (Windows 10) has been defragmenting on a schedule, which is very odd. Turned that off. usage -> 309G used, 551G available this is qcow2 on a filesystem, not a volume (zvol). I'll try evacuating the pool and...