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    Is there any cheap SSD suitable for a NAS?

    Over here... over where? 4TB SAS disks are $40 on ebay. If as you say you are not storing VMs on this, I'm not sure the price premium moving to SSDs will ever pay for itself. You will get alternative solutions suggested to you on this forum. Everyone, you and myself included, are not...
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    Is there any cheap SSD suitable for a NAS?

    My advice is PM853T 960GB for SATA drives. They are about $100 on ebay. If you have capacity (the right motherboard) for it, PM983 NVMe drives are about the same price. If you are patient and check ebay frequently, 2TB Intel P3500 is my favorite drive. Good endurance, real MLC performance. Hard...
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    Fun with IBM HGST HUH721010AL4200 9.93TB -> 10TB

    I can't seem to remove my post, so if a mod sees this, can you move it to the "Hard Drives and Solid State Drives" section?
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    Fun with IBM HGST HUH721010AL4200 9.93TB -> 10TB

    I bought a bunch of the drives in the title and they came with type 2 protection on them and reported 9.93TB in lsscsi/smartctl. I'm using RHEL 8.5, a SAS2308 controller, and a NetApp DS4243 I have dealt with this in the past as discussed in this thread on 8TB sun/oracle HGST drives...
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    Size mismatch VM windows with Proxmox ZFS?

    Disclaimer: I am not a proxmox user, but am well familiar with KVM and have used ZFS for many years. I am curious if you figure out a way to do this. What I've seen is that Windows will not unmap blocks in a way that ZFS sees as "freed" when stored as image files (e.g. qcow2) in a zfs...
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    HGST: Unknown smart status after low level format

    It says unknown (I'm pretty sure) because there are no thresholds detected. Did this drive ever work in your possession? Try in a linux machine and use gdisk?
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    nvme enabler cable?

    Yeah if you have bifurcation support on your board, just jump on the linkreal. I have a linkreal pci-e switch card with 4x 8643 on my ryzen system (I don't have bifurcation support) and it works great.
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    nvme enabler cable?

    they're expensive and not worth it at all. I couldn't get more than 600-900MB/s on 2TB Intel P3500 drives. I was using a Lenovo 530-8i erased and put on stock Broadcom firmware (equivalent to 9400-8i). Also, the smart data refused to pass through. My advice is walk away and go buy a proper quad...
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    Asus Strix X399-E U.2 (sff-8639) to SATA using mini HD SAS to SATA

    Highly doubtful. I would point you towards reading the manual for the board to confirm, but that is almost assuredly only for carrying PCI express.
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    Time to upgrade my 5 year old build? Using Xeon E5 2650L v3 (12c/24t) 1.8

    E5-2673 v3 or E5-2678 v3 plus max effort turbo mod?
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    multiple NVMe SSD cards - still unclear

    have you seen yet?
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    Ubuntu Server & L2ARC on Same Drives

    What use case are you trying to target here? Storing your movies? Multiple people accessing documents/roaming profiles? Virtual machine storage? A lot of usages have no benefit to L2ARC and will just wear your SSDs out. Is this for a hobby/home use or is this for something important/production use?
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    ZFS/By-ID = wwn??

    I work with ZFS day in and day out for my day job and use it at home personally. think of wwn like a mac address (it basically is the equivalent in storage land). I've never seen issues using wwn. I would leave it as is. You can create a pool however you want and then re-import it using a...
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    Need recommendation for 16x nvme JBOD (for zfs)

    look up Ceacent and LinkReal on Aliexpress. Example here 39.0US $ |ANU04PE16 NVMe Controller SFF8643 SFF8639 4 port PCIe3.0 X16 SSD Exp Riser (not with cables,not support LSI 8643*2 to 8639*2 )|Add On Cards| - AliExpress I'm assuming ROME8-2T has bifurcation support. You will need to turn...
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    Experiences with NetApp DS4243

    I have one DS4243. The first thing I did was put in a pair of Dell Compellent 6Gbps controllers (as you've referenced) that use normal SFF-8088. Sometimes these can be found cheap. Example here Genuine Dell Compellent HB-SBB2-E601-COMP 0952913-07 6GB SAS EBOD Controller OEM 787421252224 | eBay...