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    LGA 3647 Processor Installation – Intel Advice

    If you look at 2:40, you can see they set the clutch torque limit to "6". This reminds me of another video I'm having trouble finding, in which someone shows how to install a CPU in the wrong motherboard by scraping off some extra rows of pins.
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    Intel e5-2696 v2 CPU for $125 FS or cheaper

    I'm kind of surprised these aren't a ton faster than the dual E5-2667v2 I got not that long ago. Per Passmark single-cpu benchmarks, 12202 vs. 13915 multithreaded and 1955 vs. 1697 single threaded. I actually got a v3 recently, and I'm somewhat tempted by the E5-2678v3, but looking at...
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    IBM DAS with 12x1tb HDD.

    Does it support SAS2 or just SAS1?
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    32 Core EPYC 7551P $500 or less

    It's showing $625 OBO now. Are any compatible motherboard or systems cheap yet? I'll probably hold off for a while anyway... Just upgraded to E5-2667v2's.
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    The E5-4610 V3 does DDR4, unless I'm misunderstading this: Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-4610 v3 (25M Cache, 1.70 GHz) Product Specifications I thought LGA 2011-1 (Socket R2) was the only LGA2011 variant that could do both DDR3 and DDR4, though I'll admit I'm still not too clear on the specifics.
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    SR22S Intel Xeon E5-4610v3 10-Core 1.7GHz 25M 6.4GT/s 105W Processor - $40 shipped

    Are these a good deal? SR22S Intel Xeon E5-4610v3 10-Core 1.7GHz 25M 6.4GT/s 105W Processor * Pulled * | eBay I got one a while back for $50 + shipping (from a different seller) mainly just so I could test a server I got... DDR4 is still pricey, so I only got a bit for testing and I'm not...
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    Canada CSE-216 (x2, barebone) - CAD 90 OBO - now 140:(

    I'm seeing CAD$289.99 shipping to Wisconsin, so looks like you save CAD $129 by keeping it within Canada.
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    F320 V-NAND NVMe 7317693 3.2TB PCIe SSD FLASH DRIVE SAMSUNG MZ-PLK3T20 Oracle L3

    Same seller has a second one ending a couple minutes later. Still, way outside my price range for home.
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    $17.88 Intel Optane NVMe 16 GB PCIe (Renewed)

    Don't you need an adapter to plug them into a PCIe slot? Looks like that's another $12 or so:
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    DEAD - eBay - 10% off coupon

    When you generate a code, how quickly does it expire? Ie: Should I generate one now even though there's nothing I want to buy immediately, or should I wait until I find something I want to use it on?
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    HGST 6TB SAS Hard Drive $90 or cheaper ->$50;) - Sold Out -

    When is that? The heapest 10TB SAS drives I'm seeing on on eBay right now are $235, which is a bit steep for home use...
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    Free BackBlaze Storage Pods?!

    How many are they giving away? Note to self: Check Ebay on June 29. :)
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    WD My Book 10tb $79.99

    Don't we love Amazon Prime's free "2-day shipping"? "Estimated delivery: May 29, 2019 - June 5, 2019"
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    Warm ? Micron M500 960GB $79 shipped

    What is the big T? I thought the availability of Optane might be driving down the SSD prices. (At least where IOPS, latency, and endurance are the main concerns.)
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    [ebay BO] RMS-200/8G PCI-e NVRAM Accelerator 360$

    Hey, at least it's more accurate than those that have a picture of a ceramic rhinoceros instead. It probably will arrive in a box. :)