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    EU FREE: (GONE) 2xHGST 4TB SAS HUS724040ALS640

    You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you!
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    Intel BMC Reflash S1600/S2600 Motherboard Series

    I had the same problem with a Riverbed CX5070 (Intel R2224GZ) and can confirm you can solve it by updating the BMC in recovery mode. Recovery update restored all BMC settings to default and after enabling root it was possible to login using the web gui. Don't forget to update FRU/SDR afterwards...
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    The Dell PowerEdge C6220 Thread

    A good start is page 257 and 265 in the Hardware Owner's Manual.
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    The Dell PowerEdge C6220 Thread

    If you install firmware v1.21 and fan table image v4.02, then my understanding is that the firmware should select the correct fan table number based on installed nodes, even if it's a mix of v1 and v2 nodes. (My C6200 runs v1.21/v4.02, but all nodes are v1.)
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    The Dell PowerEdge C6220 Thread

    According to release notes for FCB firmware 1.21 (ReleaseNote_V0121.txt in, you can mix I and II nodes freely in a C6200 enclosure. Whats important is that you use the correct fan table number, e.g. if you have four mixed nodes you should use fan table...
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    The Dell PowerEdge C6220 Thread

    Thank you! It was your piece of information from a previous post in addition to the fact that the nodes was sold sans enclosure that triggered my curiosity. What if DELL went for a "rack enclosure once; upgrade nodes when needed" approach? I will investigate and see if it's possible to get...
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    The Dell PowerEdge C6220 Thread

    I stumbled on a deal for C6320 nodes (no enclosure) which was too good to pass. While reading the users guide I noticed that the C6300 enclosure was remarkably similar to the C6200 enclosure, so I got curious and swapped one of the installed nodes with a C6320 node. Was kind of surprised since...
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    The Dell PowerEdge C6220 Thread

    Installed C6220II bios 2.9.0 on a gen1 node w/o problem, but still no post with v2. Only platform I have stumbled upon that does not support v2o_O (Upgrade of bios only took a couple of seconds which is odd, but correct version is shown on boot.)
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    The Dell PowerEdge C6220 Thread

    Another option is to use a low profile PCIe adapter card for M.2 drives that holds one or two SATA drives in addition to an NVMe drive. Not sure about NVMe support, but it would be nice to have an Optane as SLOG for ZFS as well as mirrored SSDs for booting/L2ARC when running Proxmox on the...
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    EXPIRED Mellanox SX6036 36ports QSFP €150

    According to documentation, the shortest supported upgrade is 3.5.1006 -> 3.6.2002 -> 3.6.4006 -> 3.6.5000 -> 3.6.8008 which would save you some time if you choose to take the scenic route (no pun intended). As @Rand_ did it will probably yield the same end result, just that no one bothered to...
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    Turbocharge your Quanta LB6M - Flash To Brocade TurboIron - Big Update!

    And another one. Chopped a patch cable and soldered a DB9 which went into the serial port on an Xserve, used "serial 9600" in terminal and fired up the built-in TFTP server, followed the guide step-by-step and ended up with a boatload of new knowledge and a vastly more capable switch. Big bear...
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    LSI SAS9200-8e in IT mode only detecting 2 of 8 drives?

    Unless you know for a fact that the card is fully functional, check for blown/sheared-off connector coupling capacitors on the backside of the card, directly under the external connectors. They are situated in two groups in a straight line, each group consists of eight caps (one pair per...
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    Something for us poor sods in Europe: HGST Hitachi HUSSL4020BSS600 200GB SSD SAS 2.5" 6Gbps Doesn't specify shipping outside France, but I got 3@55EUR shipped to Sweden for 16.50EUR. Enjoy.
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    NEW 480Gb Samsung SM843T Data Center Series SSD $100

    Answer to self; After reading the article (love this site), it does seem reasonable with 143TBW (WLC*480GB) during its time in a DC. (Division by 0.96 was just a brain fart.) Seller offered a full refund...
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    NEW 480Gb Samsung SM843T Data Center Series SSD $100

    3.6PBW remaining that is, but (WLC*480GB)/0.96 is only 149TBW (0.3TBW per day). Does this seem reasonable?