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    Micron 128GB DDR4-2666 PC4 21300 LRDIMM ES

    Thanks, as jerrytsao mentioned these are 3DS 4H LRDIMM's
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    Micron 128GB DDR4-2666 PC4 21300 LRDIMM ES

    Hey guys, I got something quite interesting and wanted to see if anybody here would be interested in my (1x128GB) rams. That right, these are 128GB RDIMM for your server pleasure. Only a handful of servers/workstations are compatible with these rams, it was running safely on my Supermicro...
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    11x DDR4 Samsung 16GB 2rx4 PC4-2133P 752369-081

    Hey guys, I'm upgrading my server and selling off my rams sticks to upgrade 32GB DDR4's. There are 11pcs of Samsung 16GB 2rx4 PC4-2133 M393A2G40DB0 HP 752369-081 These have been tested and guaranteed working. Asking $135 (pretty firm) via Paypal and shipping is included for US. Cheers Imgur
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    WTB: DDR3 ECC Unbuffered 8-32gb

    I have a few Hynix HMT41GU7MFR8C-PB 8GB PC3-12800E DDR3 1600MHz 2Rx8 sticks if you are interested.
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    Parts came in as expected, thanks.
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    WTS GFX Cards (Mining Rigs)

    Interesting thread, I am located in Houston but this does not certainly represent Houstonians. Hope you guys get your stuff soon.
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    Intel Xeon Gold 5120 Lga 3647 Processor

    Hello there, I actually came across this in a batch of decommissioned parts, but since I simply do not have the motherboard to test I figured somebody on the forums may have an interest. All capacitors are intact and has the server heatsink. It's up on eBay right now but a solid discount for...
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    FS: xtra e5-2696 v3 $800

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet This is an example of an item for sale with a timestamp, it has the item with the username/timestamp of when the photo was taken. Again it helps with establishing credibility with members of the site. That was literally all I asked.
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    Intel Optane 900p SSD Released in AIC and U.2 Form Factors

    That went quickly, what are the retail price tags on the 280GB and 480GB capacities?
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    FS: xtra e5-2696 v3 $800

    Photos with a timestamp would be nice.
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    WTB: 8x16GB/16x8gb ddr3 ecc

    I have 16x 8GB DDR3 ECC ram if you are interested- Hynix HMT41GU7MFR8C-PB 8GB DDR3 1600 PC3-12800E 2RX8 ECC
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    FS: i7-6850k

    What's the difference between a retail and and a retail edge processor?
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    WTB: DDR4 16GB/32GB ECC Ram

    I'm looking for about 40 dimms, 2133Mhz is preferable but 2400Mhz is acceptable also.
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    WTB: DDR4 16GB/32GB ECC Ram

    Hey guys, I am looking for server rams and is willing to buy either 16GB/32GB dimms. Thanks!