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  1. RolloZ170
    RolloZ170 tesla100
    i got a x11dpi bios 2.0b modded for stepping B0 ES
    give me your mail adress
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  2. RolloZ170
    RolloZ170 JoshDi
    can you give me the 2.1 bios for the X11DPH ??
    i have a friend who needs it.

  3. Dbuffed
    Never use Hivelocity HQ in Tampa .... =( paid them over 30 hours of remove hands and nothing gets done.
  4. fohdeesha
    ghidra deep dive
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    2. BeTeP
      I am too invested into IDA - have been using it since version 4.0. But it looks like the switch is inevitable.
      Nov 18, 2019
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  5. Dbuffed
    Almost Christmas =)
  6. csp-guy
    I am here to learn, it is good to be here. :-)
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  7. krista
    krista is actively seeking employment, preferably writing intricate code in c, c++, or assembly for interesting and exotic new hardware.
  8. YardBouncer
    "Do you have a backup?" means "I can't fix this."
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  9. Thomas42
    Thomas42 Pradawny
    I'm interested by the Mikrotik CRS317-1G-16S+RM you are selling. Is it still available? I'm in Paris.
  10. Detonyle
    Detonyle tenyosama
    I bought to him 2 Supermicro X10SDV, very nice guys! and really fast transactions +++
  11. F1ydave
    F1ydave acquacow
    HP iodrive you have any idea why with the driver SRV-IO is still disabled? Is it that the 6.0 esxi driver I got isn't compatible with 6.7u2?
  12. jcl333
    jcl333 muhfugen
  13. marcoi
    Working hard or is it hardly working?
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  14. eptesicus
    eptesicus incorpusyehtee
    Hi! Do you have any information on the fan mod you did for the PSUs in the Chenbro NR40700/Slicestor 1440? I ordered a couple of these servers and foresee having to modify the PSU fans...
  15. Terry Wallace
  16. nthu9280
    Designing Rube-Goldberg solutions utilizing principles of "Mushroom Theory of Management"
  17. Kanid99
    Node 304
  18. myrison
    8 years of browsing here and still a "new member". Guess I should speak up more. ;)
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  19. moblaw
    moblaw croakz
    Is the Lenovo 430-16i identical with broadcom 9305-16i? Or does it require you to flash to it-mode to get rid of lenovo firmware?
  20. Harry P. Nyce
    Harry P. Nyce
    Hý, i'm nýce.