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  1. Detonyle
    Detonyle tenyosama
    I bought to him 2 Supermicro X10SDV, very nice guys! and really fast transactions +++
  2. F1ydave
    F1ydave acquacow
    HP iodrive you have any idea why with the driver SRV-IO is still disabled? Is it that the 6.0 esxi driver I got isn't compatible with 6.7u2?
  3. jcl333
    jcl333 muhfugen
  4. fohdeesha
  5. marcoi
    Working hard or is it hardly working?
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  6. eptesicus
    eptesicus incorpusyehtee
    Hi! Do you have any information on the fan mod you did for the PSUs in the Chenbro NR40700/Slicestor 1440? I ordered a couple of these servers and foresee having to modify the PSU fans...
  7. Terry Wallace
  8. nthu9280
    Designing Rube-Goldberg solutions utilizing principles of "Mushroom Theory of Management"
  9. Kanid99
    Node 304
  10. myrison
    8 years of browsing here and still a "new member". Guess I should speak up more. ;)
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  11. moblaw
    moblaw croakz
    Is the Lenovo 430-16i identical with broadcom 9305-16i? Or does it require you to flash to it-mode to get rid of lenovo firmware?
  12. Harry P. Nyce
    Harry P. Nyce
    Hý, i'm nýce.
  13. Antonio
    Antonio TekramCalvin
    I am interested in 4 of the hgst 10tb sas drives, please quote for shipping to 90803.
    1. TekramCalvin
      Hi Antonio, I have the shipping quote for you when you are ready. Any way we can take this to message or email?
      Dec 11, 2018
  14. dwright1542
    dwright1542 flex737
    R430 Ever get down to Philly? I'll take it if we can meet up.
  15. fohdeesha
    I am become death process
  16. fohdeesha
    gimme the beat boys and free mah soulll
  17. Radian
  18. Radian
  19. fohdeesha
    here is mein spouten
  20. MikeWebb
    MikeWebb mpogr
    EMC SX6012.

    Hi, I grabbed one of these cheap infiniband switches a little while ago. My intention was to just use it as a "dumb" IB switch using opensm on a server. After reading you thread and the success that some are having with your reflash technique, I would like to give it go as well. Can you point me in the direction of the instructions or PM them to me?


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