[Windows] Veeam Backups and Backup Copy


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Jan 4, 2016

I was wondering if anyone has used Veeam to do full VM backups and then just backed up the files created by just the Backup feature and not the Backup Copy.

The backup creates the .vib incremental files and then concatenates them into the full backup file weekly. Whereas the backup copy has a bunch of .vbk files in a mix of .vib files that I can't make sense of. The reason for this is because the backup copy job seems to take up more disk space in the long run than the backup itself.

The reason I'm asking is because I wanted to use a program like Syncovery to just sync the source folder that has the incremental and full backups with some folders on other drives. I am assuming that the incremental and full backups are just as good as the backup copy files?

Hopefully what I'm asking is clear. Basically can I just create multiple copies of the files from the backup and just get rid of the backup copy job and get the same results if I needed to restore from a backup?