What is the “Go To” raid card for UEFI?


Jan 16, 2018
I plan to install in an HP dl380 Gen9, and am either looking for (1) a SAS expander card that will work with the onboard p440ar or (2) a new/used raid card compatible with the server. My p440ar already has 8x drives connected, so I think it’s full without an expander.

I have 4x HP p410 raid cards which cannot be configured (option rom does not load in G9). Firmware is latest, so I assume these are just too old to be compatible with UEFI. Just looking to deploy 8x 15K SAS drives - probably RAID10, possibly RAID5/6.

This is a homelab, so cards over $100 are out of the picture. Datacenter pulls and Chinese manufacturers are okay.