VMware and AMD MxGPU/Nvidia GRID

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New Member
Oct 29, 2022
So along side my in-progress thread for my server build, I am curious if anyone has tinkered in both of those elements. I am sure AMD is cheaper but has less open available resources to read on since it looks like their MxGPU requirements does not need licensing? Hoping to avoid 2 extra GPUs to enable Pass-through and limit to 1 GPU else will need to look into 2x sub 200W GPUs and go up to maybe a 800W PSU. Seeing how well the idle draw is with AMD's RX 6xxx series on my primary AM5 system, I'd assume it is better with multiple VMs.

Anyways, best I can describe and ask in this topic. Brain is dead with a crazy 2yr old typhoon...

Thank you