Uimage for ARM64 Device


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Jul 2, 2013
Longshot but any experts here could possibly skool me on how to construct an image to boot on a Storevirtual 3200. Its ARM based, I've done some initial digging on how its constructed based on the image files it has on its internal SD card. I'm looking to construct an image which I can boot over tftp to install something like ubuntu. So something like this but I'm not a Linux SME so this will be slow going for me :)

5.1. Booting the Installer on 64-bit ARM (ubuntu.com)


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Feb 13, 2022
You can use the mkimage utility to build one from a zImage, but you will need the load address, that you can obtain from an uImage you already have, or from the u-boot environment (printenv to show all variables). Or you can supply it yourself, if you're loading it from a different location. I'm not going to provide an example here because there are loads available online and I don't know which one would work for your board - to this day, I have yet to get my hands on an ARM64 device!!!