TinyMiniMicro - Dell Precision 3240 Compact Workstation


New Member
Jan 15, 2021
I'm considering buying one of these for my Proxmox homelab.

The main thing I'm looking for is ECC memory, and these offer ECC support with Xeon CPUs:
  • Intel Xeon W-1250
  • Intel Xeon W-1270
  • Intel Xeon W-1290
I would probably get the cheapest model, strip off the OS and all the extras, choose the Xeon W-1250, then buy the ECC and SSD separately (to avoid the Dell markup).

It's ~2.3L (bigger than the typical 1L TinyMiniMicro nodes), but I'm curious how this performs thermally. I've found a few posts saying the thermal performance is bad, but apparently there are two different heatsinks (pages 61 and 62 of this guide). I'm wondering if the bigger heatsink on the Xeon makes up for that?

Love the series, looking forward to more!