Supermicro motherboard standoffs (no, not the normal kind)


Nov 16, 2015
Hey ya'll

I bought an SC847 (?) 36 bay 3.5" that came with a 16-DIMM motherboard in what is essentially a 2U configuration. I have procured 24 x 16GB DIMMs (2Rx4) and want to expand the memory to 384GB, so I bought a X9DRI-LN4F+ board which will provide enough slots.

I went to remove the X9 that is in the system and install the X9DRI-LN4F+, only to find that there are about 5 - 6 more standoff positions on the new board. No biggy - I have tons of motherboard standoffs in my collection... then I realized, the Supermicro is using a funky standoff that has female threads on both sides. It looks like the chassis side is 6-32 and the motherboard side is M3. They have a sort of rounded cone nose to the top side.

My searches for these have proved fruitless. I am about to repair my lathe and get to work, but before I do, I figured I'd check to see if these can be acquired by ordinary means. I emailed Supermicro support without reply so far.

Thanks all


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Jul 11, 2017
Why don't you go with 6-32 on both sides instead of one with m3?

Since there are many m3 based female female standoffs available, 6-32 might also be.