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Jul 29, 2013
I have to say I am very fond of this site and the YouTube channel. I was hoping to propose a suggestion.

Many here have home labs that rival many small business data centers. I say this as I look across the room at my 32U rack, loaded to the gills.

I would really love to see a recurring article that gave us information about ongoing data center refreshes. Basically, I would love to know what is being bought by the commodity data centers and what they are pushing out the door that is ending up on EBay. For me, knowing what is probably going to hit EBay is relevant to whether I should purchase an existing server on EBay or maybe wait a month or two for something with better performance.

Some sort of analytics would be helpful. Such as current data center purchasing trends by vendor and chassis, i.e. Dell R840's, HP DL380 Gen xx, etc. and what those servers are replacing. Sort of like the Back Blaze information on hard-drives. Not sure how one would get the info but analytics on what is available on eBay, organized the same way. I love LabGopher but I wish they would show some aggregated graphics on hardware availability by vendor/chassis/passmark over time.

Probably asking to much but it would be very interesting to know what is falling into the affordability range for home-lab'ers so we could assess the feasibility of upgrading our hardware.