EU [SOLD] nas with 8x8tb, SM a2sdi-h-tf, 64gb ram intel s3500 (or parts)

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Dec 4, 2018
I recently switched over to a new home server and have no use for this amazing machine anymore.

I'm willing to sell parts if there is more interest in the system that way.

Parts list:
- Silverstone DS380
- Supermicro a2sdi-h-tf, Atom C3758 2x 10Gb ethernet, 12x sata (Complete with box)
- 4x Samsung 2400 ddr4 rdimm (not sure what the exact model is)
- 4x Intel s3500 480Gb (about 30% life left)
- 8x Seagate Enterprise 8TB st8000nm0055 (from late 2016/ early 2017, 6 of them have warranty but 2 were bought later as OEM)
- Intel optane 800p 16Gb
- Silverstone SX500-LG SFX
- 3x Noctua NF-F12 PWM + 1x NF-A6x25 pwm

- €150 for case + psu + 3 fans
- €125 per 8tb drive
- €30 per intel ssd
- €75 per 16gb dimm
- €350 mobo

Price for the lot €1500.

Shipping from the Netherlands.


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