SFP28 HomeLab (QUIET) switch. (anyone hear an INVENTEC D10056 SFP28 switch in person?)

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Sep 16, 2018
I'd assume the Inventec D10056 would be as intolerably loud as any other reg. enterprise switch
(I just see some available at potentially reasonable pricing).

While STH has written nice things about both Mikrotik and Ubiquiti switches ... it's never in a comparative context as to which is actually better.

UniFi ... USW-PRO-AGGREGATION - $899 (SFP+ switch with only 4x SFP28 ports and no QSFP28)
- vs -
Mikrotik Cloud CRS518-16XS-2XQ - $1,499 (16x SFP28, 2x QSFP28)
... more expensive than used enterprise gear + has only 2 QSFP28
- or -
Mikrotik Cloud CRS510-8XS-2XQ-IN - $ 899 (8x SFP28, 2x QSFP28)
- or -
MIkrotik CRS504-4XQ-IN 4x QSFP28 - $699 (only $660 on Amazon ...)
(basically the same as the CRS510 with a different port config)
-- any reason to prefer 8 individual SFP28 vs the 2x QSFP28 ?

- or -
An enterprise SFP28 switch with 4+ QSFP28 ports with PWM fan connector (like the Quanta LB9 I think).

Any other criteria someone would suggest considering for an SFP28 homelab switch ..?
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Feb 3, 2019
It depends what kind of projects you want to embark using the switch. The most obvious differences among the switches you noted are
  • Inventec can route at line speed
  • Inventec needs to run a supported NOS such as SONiC: current SONiC repository does not support the D10056
Loudness is probably the least of your worries as it's relatively easy to modify the fan settings in SONiC as long as there is device support in the platform module.


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Aug 17, 2020
I think I can manage on 8x SFP28 ... (good question)
You might want to look at Mellanox SN2100 then. Sometimes they can be found for about $1000-$1500. Quite silent for an Enterprise switch, lots of features, solid software.


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Jul 1, 2023
Do you have a source for that Inventec D10056? The specs mention a quadcore/octacore CPU, wondering which one that is as I'm looking for a 10/25GbE switch with a decently powerful CPU to replace my current switch+separate router.