Review of White Label 4TB drives


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May 22, 2015
I just received a WL4000GSA6472E. The drive has 4 bad sectors, should I send it back? Will they pay for the shipping?


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Jun 2, 2015
So what's the verdict on these? Is it basically just a toss up or are these confirmed RE/SE re-brands?
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May 22, 2015
So my replacement drive arrived today, I'm doing a write and read test to it right now, so far so good, no bad sectors detected yet. The fw version I got is HPG1, does anyone have this fw version? Thanks.

Edit: The replacement drive seems to be fine, no errors detected. Is there any way to find out when the drive was manufactured?
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Apr 6, 2015
I just had a 5TB WL drive fail on me. I'm through with them. Never again. In the long run, they're just not worth it.


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Jun 17, 2014
Anchorage, AK
Just plugged in some 4TB drives I ordered awhile back and had an unexpected firmware on BOTH drives I ordered.

I have another 4TB drive from another order that is running badblocks on the first pass at over 140 hours still. I'm considering it an RMA. Firmware was HPG1.

Fourth 4TB drive was 01.01K02 and ran through badblocks and smart long tests without any problems.

Still have two more to go through, but they are at the colo.



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Apr 6, 2015
I have one with the DONTSHIP firmware. So far so good but I'm keeping an eye on it.
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Oct 17, 2013
I just got another one of these, but it seems to be a Red drive...

HDTune reports a rotation speed of 5400 and the firmware is 80.00A80, which Google says is a Red drive firmware, possibly WD40EFRX. Also, the physical drive casing matches a Red drive, instead of the RE drive, which is what my other White Label drives have. The cheaper WL4000GSA6472 (no E at the end of the model string) (WL 4000GB 4TB 64MB Cache 7200RPM SATA 3 0Gb s 3 5" Hard Drive Free Shipping | eBay) seems to match the drive I have, but the label on the one I just got definitely has the E at the end (along with my other ones).

I'll shoot them an email and see what's up...


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Oct 17, 2013
Well they essentially admitted it's a WL4000GSA6472, I didn't press on why it's labeled WL4000GSA6472E...shady shady :eek:

They said they didn't have any more WL4000GSA6472E in stock for now and changed the eBay listing to out of stock when I asked for a real WL4000GSA6472E. They did offer a full refund, but I asked to just wait until they have the WL4000GSA6472E back in stock to just exchange it and they said sure.


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Dec 14, 2015
Hi, long time reader but I've made an account to report my drive that I just got. It's firmware is 80.00A80 which isn't on the spreadsheet.
Hard Disk Model ID,WL4000GSA6472
Firmware Revision,80.00A80
Hard Disk Serial Number,WOL240334637
Total Size,3814809 MB

ATA Information
Hard Disk Cylinders,7750836
Hard Disk Heads,16
Hard Disk Sectors,63
ATA Revision,ATA8-ACS
Transport Version,SATA Rev 2.6
Total Sectors,976605336
Bytes Per Sector,4096 [Advanced Format]
Multiple Sectors,16
Error Correction Bytes,0
Unformatted Capacity,3814865 MB
Maximum PIO Mode,4
Active PIO Mode,4
Maximum Multiword DMA Mode,2
Maximum UDMA Mode,6 Gbps (6)
Minimum multiword DMA Transfer Time,120 ns
Recommended Multiword DMA Transfer Time,120 ns
Minimum PIO Transfer Time Without IORDY,120 ns
Minimum PIO Transfer Time With IORDY,120 ns
ATA Control Byte,Valid
ATA Checksum Value,Valid

Acoustic Management Configuration
Acoustic Management,Not supported
Acoustic Management,Disabled
Current Acoustic Level,Default (00h)
Recommended Acoustic Level,Default (00h)

ATA Features
Read Ahead Buffer,"Supported, Enabled"
Ultra DMA,Supported
Power Management,Supported
Write Cache,Supported
Host Protected Area,Supported
Advanced Power Management,Not supported
Extended Power Management,Not supported
Power Up In Standby,Supported
48-bit LBA Addressing,Supported
Device Configuration Overlay,Supported
IORDY Support,Supported
Read/Write DMA Queue,Not supported
NOP Command,Supported
Trusted Computing,Not supported
64-bit World Wide ID,0150E24E2C61A1A8
Streaming,Not supported
Media Card Pass Through,Not supported
General Purpose Logging,Supported
Error Logging,Supported
CFA Feature Set,Not supported
CFast Device,Not supported
Long Physical Sectors (8),Supported
Long Logical Sectors,Not supported
Write-Read-Verify,Not supported
NV Cache Feature,Not supported
NV Cache Power Mode,Not supported
NV Cache Size,Not supported
Free-fall Control,Not supported
Free-fall Control Sensitivity,Not supported
Nominal Media Rotation Rate,5400 RPM

SSD Features
Data Set Management,Not supported
TRIM Command,Not supported
Deterministic Read After TRIM,Not supported

S.M.A.R.T. Details
Off-line Data Collection Status,Never Started
Self Test Execution Status,Successfully Completed
Total Time To Complete Off-line Data Collection,52560 seconds
Execute Off-line Immediate,Supported
Abort/restart Off-line By Host,Not supported
Off-line Read Scanning,Supported
Short Self-test,Supported
Extended Self-test,Supported
Conveyance Self-test,Supported
Selective Self-Test,Supported
Save Data Before/After Power Saving Mode,Supported
Enable/Disable Attribute Autosave,Supported
Error Logging Capability,Supported
Short Self-test Estimated Time,2 minutes
Extended Self-test Estimated Time,526 minutes
Conveyance self-test estimated time,5 minutes
Last Short Self-test Result,Successfully Completed
Last Short Self-test Date,2015-12-14 11:40:41 PM
Last Short Self-test Duration,2 minutes
Last Extended Self-test Result,Never Started
Last Extended Self-test Date,Never Started
Last Conveyance Self-test Result,Never Started
Last Conveyance Self-test Date,Never Started

Security Mode
Security Mode,Supported
Security Erase,Supported
Security Erase Time,510 minutes
Security Enhanced Erase Feature,Supported
Security Enhanced Erase Time,510 minutes
Security Enabled,No
Security Locked,No
Security Frozen,No
Security Counter Expired,No
Security Level,High

Serial ATA Features
S-ATA Compliance,Yes
S-ATA I Signaling Speed (1.5 Gps),Supported
S-ATA II Signaling Speed (3 Gps),Supported
S-ATA Gen3 Signaling Speed (6 Gps),Supported
Receipt Of Power Management Requests From Host,Supported
PHY Event Counters,Supported
Non-Zero Buffer Offsets In DMA Setup FIS,Not supported
DMA Setup Auto-Activate Optimization,"Supported, Disabled"
Device Initiating Interface Power Management,"Supported, Disabled"
In-Order Data Delivery,Not supported
Asynchronous Notification,Not supported
Software Settings Preservation,"Supported, Enabled"
Native Command Queuing (NCQ),Supported
Queue Length,32

Disk Information
Disk Family,Information not yet available
Form Factor,Information not yet available
Capacity,Information not yet available
Number Of Disks,Information not yet available
Number Of Heads,Information not yet available
Rotational Speed,Information not yet available
Rotation Time,Information not yet available
Average Rotational Latency,Information not yet available
Disk Interface,Information not yet available
Buffer-Host Max. Rate,Information not yet available
Buffer Size,Information not yet available
Drive Ready Time (typical),Information not yet available
Average Seek Time,Information not yet available
Track To Track Seek Time,Information not yet available
Full Stroke Seek Time,Information not yet available
Width,Information not yet available
Depth,Information not yet available
Height,Information not yet available
Weight,Information not yet available
Acoustic (Idle),Information not yet available
Acoustic (Min performance and volume),Information not yet available
Acoustic (Max performance and volume),Information not yet available
Required power for spinup,Information not yet available
Power required (seek),Information not yet available
Power required (idle),Information not yet available
Power required (standby),Information not yet available


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Oct 17, 2013
You have a Red version since the model number is missing an E at the end, and
80.00A80 is a Red drive firmware


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Dec 14, 2015
You have a Red version since the model number is missing an E at the end, and
80.00A80 is a Red drive firmware
What's odd is I bought a drive marked as 3GB/s but the drive reports as 6GB/s


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May 22, 2015
Has anyone bought one recently? I'm thinking about getting a second one. Are they out of the RE drives and now just rebadgin Red drives as Enterprise drives? Thanks.

modder man

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Jan 19, 2015
Do those of you running these in numbers purchase the enterprise drives or the desktop drives?