[planning] an arm64 and amd64 mixed k3s cluster for fun

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Jan 20, 2019
Planning to build a mixed CPU architecture k3s cluster for fun.

OS: arm64 SBCs to use armbian or another debian variant; amd64 CPUs on Proxmox 7/8 and use Debian bookworm as the guest VMs' OS.
Software: k3s
(1) 2 x rk3566 SBCs: 4gb ram, 32gb micro sd card;
(2) 1 x rk3588s SBC: 8gb ram, 128gb m2 nvme;
(3) 1 x Raspberry Pi 4b: 4gb ram, 32gb micro sd card;
(4) 2 VMs on an i7-12650h mini PC: 8gb ram, 32gb;
(5) 2 VMs on an Ryzen machine: 8gb ram, 64gb.

Performance test software from k3s suite:

Only a plan now, for fun and testing. Waiting for some hardware to arrive. Also waiting for your opinions.
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