Openmediavault vs Terrmaster OS

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May 15, 2023
I have a Terramaster F2-423 that I received for Christmas. I am using it exclusively to back up VMs and LXC containers from my 3 Proxmox nodes. I have it backing up via RSYNC to a separate OMV instance. I don't use very many of the TOS features like remote access and I don't have any ports open, don't use it for Plex, Docker or any of the apps in their "app store". It pretty much just serves up NFS and CIFS shares and runs RSYNC for backup. I may end up using one of the backup apps to back it up to glacier at some point.

TOS seems incredibly difficult to use. I have to search all over for various settings that are just not in what I consider to be a logical location in the UI, and I feel like I don't have enough control over the system. I use OMV in a number of places, and its pretty good for what I use it for: NFS, SMB, RSYNC, RCLONE, that kind of thing.

The question I have is should I take TOS (5.1) off of the system and install OMV or should I wait to see how TOS 6 has improved the situation? Has anyone played with TOS 6 yet? About the only thing I would lose going to OMV is that OMV doesn't support using a NVME drive for cache, which I am using on TOS 5.1