New X10sdv TLN4F (Rev 2.00). 8 core - 1541. For $369 - 2 available

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Jan 1, 2021
To be fair I believe they are worth more now than they originally sold for in 2015. We own several and find it hard to find another true server that can idle about 35 watts and be whisper quiet.
If you got a decent psu a single socket x10 board with a e5v4 will do that no problem.

Anything with a D1541 seems to sell well still tho.
For the datto boxes the ones with D1541 seem to sell faster than the newer ones with D2143-IT, since people are just searching for the D1543 i assume.
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Jorge Perez

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Dec 8, 2019
For an almost nine year old platform they sure hold value.
They have a 10 year lifecycle, plus they dont really have replacements.

If you want something low power with decent IO, no other platform offers it.

Alder Lake-N is similar power level, but doesn't have nearly the same IO.