EU Intel SSDPE2MD400G4E Intel SSD DC P3700 Series (400GB) €199


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Jan 2, 2017
So to continue our threadjack a bit aka bump this good deal to the top so more people can get in on it...:D
  • Yes, everyone just move along. Nothing to see here, just @Samir and I discussing the P3700 ...
Running 2 RDs in parallel is actually a very old school trick--the idea that if one goes off and the other doesn't, the signal is false, but if both go off, you better be at the right speed. I originally used this between a Uniden and my brother's old Bel, and then with 1 v1 and the Uniden. And when I sent off my v1 to get modified I couldn't live without it, so I bought a second and when it came back, I retired the Uniden after I noticed when running all 3 in parallel (yes, I'm like that, lol), I did notice some instances when the 2 v1s did react differently. So then I ran the 2 v1s and still do. A LOT of noise to quickly sort through, but when you get used to it you truly know the truth.
  • Why would 1 detector going off / 1 not = false? I think I'm missing the theoretical ...
So the LED modification is whatever you want it to be. Personally all I needed was the different bands to be dicernable at night, so those 4 (3 actually since I left one stock) were changed to amber, green, and blue. Now on one of my v1s I can instantly tell which band based on the led color as well as the sound. :)
  • pic? Sounds cool ... me = must have LED mod ... I think its only fair since I don't even get to see my HDD's blinkenlights.
Haha, the officers here definitely have a lot of other more serious crimes to worry about, but it does make traffic accidents quite gruesome when they do happen. It definitely doesn't help that the drivers in the Chicago area are the most careless and reckless that I've seen in the US, so you have to be extremely careful just to stay alive and in one piece.
  • Yeah, they are too busy dealing with all the corrupt politicians, which apparently outnumbers speeders in other states.
  • I don't know if I would say they are the most careless/reckless ... I mean down here you have some idiots who think they can drive in icy weather, not stopping to think that maybe their tires may interact with the ice different than pavement and maybe the state generally is woefully unprepared to deal with a single snowflake ...
I actually haven't looked into any of the tethering apps because I never really cared for the machine to filter. There's still something akin to hunting that kicks in when I interpret all those signals and I have many times gone off on a hunch erroring on the side of caution and it saved me whereas another machine doing the filters for me would have maybe gotten me in trouble. It's a giant cat and mouse game to me, and I've gotten older to the point that I concentrate on staying alive more than playing the game, but once in a while I do want to get frisky--especially in the right car on a nice road. :)
  • Yes ... the deer must think they are doing the hunting too, right? I think its the other way around ;) (I get what you are saying o/c)
Yes, that rack mounting answer was a singlehandedly awesome post by WANg. I hope it's in the Guides section of the forum now for people to find--it definitely helped me get everything set up.
  • It was quite the reply!
Yikes on that axis! I would be afraid the rail lock would fail and my server would slide straight down and BAM! Although that setup is beautiful and is probably detailed enough that there's not going to be a flaw that could cause such a disaster. :)
  • Surprisingly, a single rack nut + screw on each side = enough to keep it in there.
  • I do have a rather simple fail safe, thick cable ties connecting the rack ears to the rack.
  • Thanks for the compliment, although I wish I didn't have to put all that effort into.


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Jan 2, 2017
I think your setup most definitely works and possibly even is an example for what could actually improve data center efficiency as power and air conditioning do make up a large chunk of the ongoing expenses of such centers.
  • Works for my 4U, in my very edge case, yes.
  • Does it scale out? I fail to conceptualize it, since it relies on no stacking the y-axis.
  • So you have a 42U right and instead can now fit 19inches / 1.75 (per RU) = 10.83U x 2 as you could put them side by side in the same footprint.
  • You just traded 42U for 21.7U ... o_O OpEx shot through the roof and you got fired. :(
  • The trend is, and has been for some time, to increase density as much as possible and with all that density comes many more BTUs/cubic inch ... I just don't see how convection + fan pulling upwards would work.


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Nov 14, 2018
That is a good price for a brand new drive though. Lowest I've ever seen.

I can't keep up with the RandCL ...

Supported - Part - Comment
ja doch! - Optane - ja doch!
??? - P3700 @ qty 10 - Very Nice

:) All in good fun o/c.

IMO, the P3700 still has its place (sure you agree or you wouldn't have posted), but I'm glad I followed your implied lead and went only Optane, as recently now that it is actually working (forgoing the fact I can't pass it through), it has made me quite pleased with my systems.
Couldn't help but notice that you have some Optane that you coudn't passthrough. At home I have a Supermicro with a Optane install and I pass it to my Freenas VM in VMware 6.5.

See this link to get it working…
Bug #26508: Intel Optane 900p will not work in ESX passthrough - FreeNAS - iXsystems & FreeNAS Redmine

What I have done to get it working are the steps mentioned by Sisyphe
I found a simple fix for this issue by adding the Optane 900P device ID to :)

- ssh to ESXi
- edit /etc/vmware/
- add following lines at the end of the file:
# Intel Optane 900P
8086 2700 d3d0 false
- restart hypervisor

Hope it helps you also



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Jan 2, 2017
Couldn't help but notice that you have some Optane that you coudn't passthrough. At home I have a Supermicro with a Optane install and I pass it to my Freenas VM in VMware 6.5.
Welcome! I'm unfortunately all too familiar with that bug; however. Unfortunately that workaround doesn't work for me, perhaps due to the fact that I have more than 1 Optane 900p per host?

Curiously I've found that overhead imposed by ESXi doesn't slow them down, quite the opposite with benchmarking showing RDM / Virtual Disks more performant than pass through. [1] Note subsequent tests show Optane Virtual Disks above 2,000 MB/s, but this was the best apples:apples comparison I have handy.

Further, in testing as a SLOG, I've found that they achieve better than 97% of sync=disabled speed when paired with a pool of spinning disks and sync=always, i.e. X / Y = 97%, where X = [2 x RAIDZ2 x 6 disks + Mirrored SLOG (2 x 16 GB vDisks) @ sync=always and Y = 2 x RAIDZ2 x 6 disks + NO SLOG @ sync=disabled.

Thanks for the heads up however, much appreciated! :)

diskinfo -wS /dev/nvd0