Inland Premium 1TB NVMe SSD Review A Store Brand Surprise


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Aug 1, 2014
These have been known as the best deal in client m.2 drives for some time, at least on the Hardforums.

The question is, how are they in server applications?

I am considering sticking a quad m.2 adapter in my supermicro server and using it to mirror a few of these as a "special" zfs vdev, for storing metadata and small blocks.

Anyone have any thoughts on if these would be suitable for that task? I might be more comfortable with an MLC device in that role, but the "special" vdev's are less write intensive than the L2ARC caches of yore, so maybe it will work? And at this price, does it matter? If you wear them out, just replace them?

I'd appreciate anyone else's thoughts on this.
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