HPE P840 - Cables

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Apr 20, 2023
Hi folks,

maybe somebody can help me with my latest homelab adventure.
I'm currently own an HPE CL2200 (happily running with Xeon Platinum 8175M CPUs). Now I also got some HPE gear, some of which are two P840 - Raid controllers.

Now the gigabyte backplane has slim-sas connectors, the HP on the other hand has double wide SAS ports (if called correctly. basically the bigger brother of the 8087 connector).

Is there any way to connect these two components? Any idea if those cables do exist? I'm asking because I have currently three IBM ServeRaid M5210 in the CL2200 and I need another card, so one or two of these have to go and have to be replaced with the P840 (if possible).

Thanks in advance.


May 15, 2019
Each of those "double-sized SFF-8087" carries 8 Lanes. Your card has 16 Lanes/2 Connectors.

I was trying to find cables for some cheap 12G P440 4GB cards that I came across, and found that the cabling/conversion was more of a hassle (and price) than made the change worthwhile.

The Interwebs gets a bit tricky with naming.....as many call the 'Wide' port/cable as SFF-8654 8i (like an LSi naming scheme).

You need a cable that starts out SFF-8654 8i per port that splits off to whatever works for you.

Here for example is an SFF-8654 '8i' to-2x SFF-8654 '4i (or 'Slimline SAS 4 Lane)

As I said, I gave up, as my stuff is all 4-Lane SFF-8087/8088 and it looks like 6G Controllers are enough for me and Media Library anyway.

Best of luck.


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Apr 4, 2013
I'm also trying to figure out what the cable is actually called and found a couple clues.
1. Looks like it's a HPE 784626-001 12LFF Rear SFF 3LFF SAS Cable Kit
2. And might also be the but I haven't seen it yet called this "PCI-E SAS SFF-8654 8I to 8 Ports SATA"
3. There's a 8087 female to female adapter out there sold by only 1 company for $59.

These controllers come with a "double wide" cable that splits to dual 8087 so you would have to use an expander to get some female 8087 ports to allow you to connect a typical male 8087 to 4 Sata. Did anyone end up buying one of those P440/P840 and do they work well for a home build? Do those cables work? Would it be overkill vs a 9270 1GB cache controller I'm using now for typical movies and games and light photo editing?
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