How do I get my Hyper-V set up back?


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May 19, 2022
How do I get my Hyper-V set up back?

I set up a couple of vitrual machines using Hyper-V. There seemed to be some memory and resource issues. So I closed down the virtual machines and Hyper-V and
then I ran malwarebytes, ccleaner, and avg to clean up my system. I uninstalled a few programs that I determined I did not need. Then I also disabled some
programs that run on start up.

There must have been something, within the scope of all of this, that something was done to make Hyper-V behave differently. And this is why I am posting this.
The data in which the virtual machines ran on must still exist on my hard drive and I should be able to load it again.

At this time, when I type to launch hyper-v, I am given the opportunity to launch "Hyper-V Manager". The program loads with no virtual machines listen. It's title
bar says "Console1 - [Console Root]" amd "Console Root is listed as a folder. How do I set things back to the way they were? What are your thoughts? Please help.


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Jan 26, 2022
Unless you deleted the VMs, they are somewhere on your disk, so you should be able to use the "Import Virtual Machine" menu item to load them back into the Manager.


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Jul 2, 2013
if Hyper-V Manager is a mmc snapin you should be able to add it back in by going to file -> add/remove snapin and choosing it from the list. Then save the mmc
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