EU FS: Intel P4500 2TB U.2, broadcom 9405w-16i

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Nov 27, 2016
i got for sale:

2x Broadcom 9405w-16i
State: Used, fully working
Price: 300Eur each

I can add some cables, i have got some u.2 enabler cable, u.3 cables, SFF-8643 SAS to SATA cables.

05-50064-00 (used)
U.2 Enabler, HD to SFF-8639 1 meter
SFF-8643 to SFF-8639

List of compatibility cables

1x Intel P4500 2TB U.2 NVME
Info: P4500 Series 2TB NVMe 2,5" 490/38kIOPS <1DWPD TLC 15mm
Smarts: P4500 U.2 ssd – jerryxlol – album na Rajčeti
SSd has latest firmware QDV191D1
Price 200eur

Shipping 40eur and only in europe.
Location Czech Republic
Payment by Revolut, SEPA,

If there is a error in the listing please feel free to contact me by PM.
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