Easiest Method for Layer 3 routing with SONiC, PFSense, and multiple WANs

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Jun 7, 2020
United States
After getting through this headache, I'm about to redo my entire home network with my new Celestica DX010 100g running SONiC. My current setup involves putting all the vlans on my pfsense router and letting it do all the intervlan routing. As my network is going to be 100 gigabit capable, layer 2 vlans are no longer gonna cut it. Additionally I am running my router with a VPN acting as secondary WAN but that relies on my primary WAN (My internet connection).

My vlan layout is likely gonna be as follows:
VLAN 35 (Bypassed)- This will likely be for my fiber-based computers. This will use my primary internet connection and completely bypass my router's VPN as I want to be able to take advantage of my full 1000/1000 internet connection for my own computers. Will have access to all vlans
VLAN 36 (Normal)/alternatively just LAN- This will be the normal network for most of the outlets in my home. It will use my VPN connection for internet access. Will have access to all vlans
VLAN 37 (Servers)- Identical to bypassed, just separated so I know my server connections.
VLAN 38 (Guest)- My guest network. It'll use the VPN for internet access with a completely separate IP and no permission to communicate with the other VLANs.

I have a pretty decent understanding of my way around pfsense, but when it comes to layer 3 routing with SONiC I am worthless. I'd like to know the least headache-inducing method of going about this. Any help would be appreciated.