Drive types / filesystem / method to avoid corrupt data ?

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Jun 26, 2022
Looks like about $500-650 for a second hand EPYC board is the entry price for a mobo only, yikes.

Older EPYC CPUs are quite reasonably priced however.

For not much more than the cost of an entry level EPYC mobo, I have seen complete Xeon servers listed. Not sure why those boards are so expensive.

Maybe there is a producer or second hand bargain to be had other than the supermicro offerings which are very expensive boards.


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Dec 28, 2021
Pelham NY USA
There's no need to be confused :)

The data you are planning to store and access passes through a lot of different things in those processes: storage devices, storage device controllers, CPU, RAM, network interface cards, network switches, your computer, probably lots of other things too. Every one of those things has the potential to corrupt data as it passes through or is stored/retrieved.

Your first post in this thread asked about avoiding corruption in 'storage and backups', so the replies have been focused on those aspects.