Docker network drive permission


Apr 9, 2017
tl;dr: I understand mounting volumes in docker creation. Where does the container get the credentials to authenticate permission for SMB

My situation: I have a small but growing collection of datasets that I use for machine learning. I am currently using Python virtualenv to manage the different code bases and dependencies.

My research suggests that a virtualenv inside a docker container is very straightforward. Ultimately, I'd like to move the datasets off my workstation (yes, I'm aware of the cons) to a network drive. I'd like to be able to run different code bases against the same datasets, preferably in an automated way.

I'm a former network and system admin but new to devops and machine learning. I'm experienced with AD and understand the network and OS stack. I'm probably overthinking this. Is it as simple as defining a user and pwd and passing it when I mount the volume?