Docker Compose organization


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Oct 24, 2022
Trying to figure the best way to organize my setup.

I have Proxmox running a TrueNAS VM.
I am currently providing an NFS share to the Proxmox server which run an Ubuntu VM over NFS.
This VM is dedicated to Docker containers and runs a few docker containers and portainer.

I am trying to run all containers via Docker Compose rather than set up via Portainer, I only use Portainer to visualize things.

I have a folder called stacks, and under that I have a folder for each container I want to run with a docker-compose.yml.

Is there a better way to do this? I currently only have Portainer, Heimdall, and CloudFlare DDNS containers setup.


Sep 14, 2015
I do not know if better, but ... the way I do it is that I combine containers in to what I guess they call stacks. For example; I have one directory which is called monitoring, and the docker-compose.yaml contain everything which is needed to run influxdb2, grafana, telegrafe x2, and a couple of other things. That is a stack, and that is what makes docker-compose so very nice.

I have been playing around podman (due to RHEL), and it does not have anything like docker-compose which is so frustrating.