DL360 Gen10 disabled iLO, fans at 40% constant speed

Jun 23, 2021
Recently I acquired DL360 Gen10 and I'm trying to get lowest possible power consumption.
I was able to get as low as ~42W idle in OS with 6 ram sticks + ssd in backplane + 1 PSU.
Could go even lower if SSD would be connected directly to SATA port.

Now I'm trying to disable iLO as it's consuming ~8 watts alone.
Upon disabling iLO, fans are at ~40% RPM constant even with AMSD running in OS.
AMSD helped ramping down fans when I removed raid card and attached backplane directly to motherboard so I assumed that it would help.

While running with disabled iLO and fans at 40%, system is drawing ~39W. So I think disabling iLO actually helped.

Do you guys know any way to handle fans speed with disabled iLO?