Deals on Dell FX2S from a few sellers


May 19, 2020
I decided it is time to upgrade since there are a few deals on Dell FX2S systems out there. I have ordered one so have no experience yet, but was attracted by the density -- up to 8 compute nodes per chassis, WITH INTERCHASSIS 10GBPS NETWORKING.

eBay Search for FX2S priced from $500 to $1500
(not sure if above link will work but it currently shows all of the deals to follow)

SELLERS AND DEALS (contact directly outside eBay for possibly a better deal and CTO):

4X2 CHASSIS: REPOWER IT (Georgia) - $1312 + free shipping
FX2S Chassis: 4x2 slot config, CMC module, 2x networking modules, 2x 2000w PSU
Compute Nodes: 1X FC430 (quarter size) [ add more, up to 4 per chassis, for $105/ea barebones ]
Compute Memory/CPU: 2x E5-2650 v4, 4x CPC7G (32GB 2Rx4 PC4-2400T)
Storage Nodes: 1X FD332 (quarter size sled)12gbps SAS storage for up to 16x 2.5" devices:
Storage Devices: 2x 800GB SSD (1.8" 6gbps SATA) for the FC430 onboard storage; 2x 400GB SSD (SAS, 2.5", 12gbps), 6x 2TB HDD (SAS, 2.5", 12gbps) for the FD332 storage module
(they are also selling individual components for good prices: chassis $262, FC430 sled $105, FD332 Storage Sled $210)

2X2 CHASSIS: FSI (Santa Clara, CA) - $999 + $149 shipping (free local PU)
FX2S Chassis: 2x2 slot config, CMC module, 2x networking modules, 2x 1600w PSU
Compute Nodes: 4X barebones FC630 (half size, maxing out chassis)

Information on the FX2S platform......

For those unaware, this model can support up to 8 computer or storage nodes per chassis. It appears the chassis slot sizing is not flexible and cannot be reconfigured, so if you gert a 2X2 configuration you must use half size sleds for example. If you get 4x2 you have both quarter and half size slots, but I don't think you can split/reconfigure a half size down to two quarter size slots. But I could be wrong.

2X Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3/v4 (standard sleds)
2X Intel Scalable Processors (more recent FC640 sled)

FX2S has 10gbps networking between up to 8 nodes in the chassis supported by redundant networking modules in the back, which appear to be included from these sellers based on photos and/or descriptions.

This FX2S model (vs FX2) has 8 pass through PCIe slots in the back, which can of course be used for more storage or anything else. Each sled also has a few, limited onboard storage device options.

Each sled has a few storage options, plus you can of course use the PCIe for storage. For additional storage, a quarter size FD332 sled is available with 16x2.5" drives and one or two PERC raid/hba cards that can be mapped to a corresponding number of sleds.
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Jan 4, 2016
Everything I've read suggests these are not suitable noise wise for home use at all. 4 r730s or a vrtx would be more practical if that's a concern. I would exercise caution ordering one of these. I believe they only run on 200-240 volt input also. You may be able to run one node on 110 120 but you'll hit a power limit almost immediately.
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