D-Link Wifi Extenders - Mesh Diamonds in the rough (too low brow to post in Networking)


May 15, 2019
Let's face it, YOU are the family's on call IT Support....and Grandma's Wifi is weak and she can't browse Pinterest or download recipes on her iPad.
Are you going to shell out for an AX upgrade for her ? because she surely isn't going to pony up for it.

All ISP Modem/Router Combos are now shipping with semi-modern AC Wifi (in Canada anyway). Unfortunately those that know the least expect the most. Grandma never wanted her cable modem/router installed in the upstairs, in the living room or office, she opted for the BASEMENT, where the main power panel is and the telco lines come into the house anyway. Now her Wifi is crap (because she surely isn't wired at home). YOUR PHONE RINGS.

Enter D-Link.

D-Link is now offering firmware updates to enable smart Mesh roaming on (most) previous generation extenders, from N to AC.
My favorites to use in situations such as the one described above are the DAP-1610 and DAP-1620 (AC1200) and the DAP-1755 (AC1750). I have been picking these units up from the local used marketplace for $20 CAD (~ $15 USD) each, updating the firmware and simply connecting using WPS.
No confusion with extra passwords and AP names for the users. Easy peasy. Now Grandma can tell her friends that she has a Mesh network ;).

Now I understand that this sounds alot like an advertisement, but D-Link are the ONY brand stepping up to the plate, rather than simply trying to sell a new replacement model. Linksys, TP-Link and Netgear equivalents don't support firmware upgrades on previous models to support the transparency Mesh Roaming feature.

Loving your Grandma shouldn't mean that you have to buy her Wifi6 Mesh out of your own pocket. For her, the end result with the D-Link AC extender will be the same....and the $20 will go a long way to help secure your inheritance, because heaven forbid if she buys an overpriced AX setup herself. Protect your future by protecting Grandma today !

Hope that helps...lol

The following range extenders support Smart Mesh Roaming with the latest firmware:
DAP-1325, DAP-1530, DAP-1610, DAP-1820, DAP-1755, DAP-1950, DAP-1955
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