CWWK x86-P5 (Alder Lake) GPIO?

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Dec 30, 2023
Has anyone attempted (and succeeded) in making use of the GPIOs broken out on the infamous CWWK X86-P5, or any other variant of the Intel Alder Lake-based mini PCs? The GPIOs should come out from the processor:


So we should be able to get access to the gpiochip and gpio lines via the `pinctrl_alderlake` module. I'm able to load it, but no chips or gpio entries in sysfs show up. This is confirmed by inspecting the state via debugfs:

# cat /sys/kernel/debug/pinctrl/pinctrl-*
name [pinmux] [pinconf]
Requested pin control handlers their pinmux maps:
Pinctrl maps:
Apparently this module pulls it's configuration via ACPI. I was not able to find anything in the BIOS settings. Not sure how BIOS can be updated, but not brave enough either.

Someone else asked a similar question here: Unable to access GPIOs on Intel Alder Lake CPU

There is a thread on a Chinese forum which I found via CWWK's "common problem" section: X86P2的GPIO口定义 Comments there are not so encourageing.