Custom SuperMicro x10SLL-F based FileServer, SAS3 Expander, DDR4 Memory and SandDisk Enclosures


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Mar 31, 2018
Listing items here and I can provide more details as needed. I am from greater Seattle area and prices do not include shipping. I accept paypal and seller fees are my responsibility.

2. Surfraid Triton 12Gbs SAS3 12 LFF bay enclosure with 2 ARC-8018 SAS3 controller and 2 power supplies, all caddies are included $350

This one has a cool control panel to set fan speed, link rates, alarm tones etc. It is one of the quietest enterprise disk shelves I saw and great for 24/7 operation in living room as you can set the fan speed to low. I have 2 of them and selling one but happy to sell both. I don't need SAS3 speeds.

Triton SurfRAID SR-TRITON12 12Gbs SAS3 12 bay 3.5" LFF Bay Enclosure Disk Shelf | eBay

3. 4 * 16GB DDR4 2666 $50 each Samsung M393A2K43CB2

6. x10 SRL-F Motherboard with original Supermicro I/O shield and 2U SuperMicro Passive Heatsink $170
I bought a 1u system with similar motherboard so this one has has to go.

I need dual socket supported LGA 2011-3 CPUs, preferably on the very cheap side so probably low core count of V3s.


1. Super quiet and compact File Server: $500

Advatronix Cirrus 1200 Server Chassis with 12 LFF bay, x10SLL-F, e5-1271 V3 based File Server. I have the original box for shipping. It comes with extra 8 caddies as backup so all 20 caddies are included.

This was custom build archive server and I used over one year until I switched to rack based solution. This is one great file server for your living room.

Advatronix Cirrus 1200 SuperMicro x10SSL-F i5-1640 V3 16GB File/Windows server | eBay

4. 6 * 32GB DDR4 2666 $75 each Micron memory

5. 2*SANS Disk 4 Bay TR4M6GNC SATA enclosure for total 8 bays. RocketRaid 622, eSata card with cables $100.

Physically they are in mint condition and they are used very lightly as external archive. One of the enclosures power switch needs to be pushed in a little bit firmer to make contact once in a while. I wouldn't call this as an issue but giving heads up. ESata/power cables are included with the price.
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Sep 18, 2018
Bought DDR4 memory from Bert and had a good experience. Shipping and handling is very fast. Had some issues with a few DIMMs and Bert accepted my return without any hassle. Very reliable seller.