CPU & Mainboard for high power opnsense router

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Aug 28, 2022
My isp is hopefully upgrading my connection within the next couple weeks (10 to 25g) so i will have to replace my firewall.
I already looked into tsnr, vyos, openwrt and routeros but i settled on OPNSense for a lot of reasons.
I am fully aware that opnsense / pfsense is not going to be able to max out that connection, but fully opensource / no annual licensing is a requirement for me personally and i am just going to try to get it as high performance (cost within reason) as possible with it.

Basically i am looking for a mainboard / cpu combo that has
  • At least one PCIE X16 Gen3 slot (used for the connection to my primary switch, probably an Intel XXV710-DA2 but want x16 for future upgrades)
  • At least two PCIE x8 slots (for fast WAN interfaces, probably another Intel XXV710-DA2)
    At least two PCIE x4 (for slow WAN interfaces below 2.5G like mobile backup, probably an intel quad gigabit nic and i am still looking for a quad 2.5g rj45 nic)
  • I would prefer to keep the base system without any pcie nics under 40w idle.
  • Trying to stay under 1000€ total, so about 700€ for the system without the networking cards
  • Throughput should be as high as possible as long as it stays within the above requirements.
Any cpu / mainboard recommendations that would fit that criteria?

I got a Supermicro X10SRi-F laying around which would satisfy the pcie requirements but i am not sure how good the performance would be since the cpus are quite old now (E5v3 / v4), what would be the best performing opnsense cpu on that platform?
I am also doing inter vlan routing thats why the LAN interface should have the x16 for future upgrades.
Generally should i focuse more on single core or multicore performance? (i heard certain tasks are still single threaded in opnsense)

Thanks for any help :)