Brocade ICX6610-48p POE issues with grandstream devices

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New Member
Apr 8, 2024
I just purchased a brocade ICX6610-48p and set it up following Fohdeesha's directions. Whenever I connect a grandstream device (GXV3370 phone) or my GWN7610 access point it powers on for about 30 seconds then shuts off. "show inline power" says it's a "PD detection fault" Everything works fine on my Dell 6248P. I'm only using 18 watts out of 748. Thanks.


Active Member
Mar 10, 2016
I can't say for the switch specifically, but my Aruba has options to disable POE on a port. You might well have already verified something else works on that port, but it might be worth checking as well.

It might also be worth checking what POE standards both ends support. When I first started looking at it, POE was all sorts of things depending on who you asked. It got standardized a while back, but I remember hearing there were some compatibility issues out there.