Book Review: Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and Tensorflow


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Dec 28, 2010
I'm about 70% of the way though this book. It's #1 on Amazon for Tensorflow now

I read another "here's what ML is" chapter and it made me want to barf. I wish there was more to the data transformation. You can tell the author is from a larger org. I've got a 100K order dataset with BOMs in an access DB. I think that's not uncommon still even though most is moving to MySQL I'd want to see more on common data transformations and how to approach them. Using pre-trained datasets are great but it isn't real-world.

This is my 3rd book on Tensorflow learning. There's much getting repetitive but I like having explanations and different code samples and seeing how different problems are solved.

Illustrations were good. For $25 it's worth reading on a dock waiting for the fish to bite. $50 I would hesitate buying it.

Since I don't have a useful GPU in my laptop, I was doing CPU training at the river house. This was useful Why Tensorflow's Docker CPU image is terrible, and how to fix so thanks