Best Self-Hosted Security System?

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Mar 31, 2024
what are your guys' thoughts on running my own NVR on our servers? we have about 20-30 4k IP cameras running, and ubiquiti just keeps getting more and more annoying. preferably, i'd like software that's free or perpetually licensed, and runs on GPU. ideally, i'd like to stick a GPU into one of our servers that does all the crunching and basically leaves the CPU alone. is something like that out there?


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Jan 20, 2019
20-30 of 4K

CPU: If considering CPU encoding and decoding only, these need 20-30 physical cores which have single-core performance as Intel 9th/10th gen core CPUs or 2nd/3rd gen Ryzen, if allowing computing power redundancy.

GPU: Below page is an estimated form of some Quadro cards for plex software:

By the way, some NVR software has poor support on GPU encoding, but some can use both GPU and TPU(but only 1 or 2 TPU). Please check their community forums.