Asus Strix X399-E U.2 (sff-8639) to SATA using mini HD SAS to SATA


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May 20, 2021
Hello All,

I need help figuring out If I can utilize the U.2 connector for extra SATA storage, currently I have a Norco RPC 4020 case and two Dell HBA 330 that are working, I need to use the last 4 bays in my 4u case, but I would like to know if I can plug in a mini SAS HD cable to 4 SATA, will be recognized, my motherboard manual says NVME only but this port is the same exact one on my Dell SAS HBA 330, have any one tried to pugging in one of those cables to the u.2 header in the Asus Strix x399 or any x399 motherboard before, and can anyone confirm it is working or not, reason i want to save some money if possible as i only need 4 sata ports, also i am aware of cheaper sata cards but these do not support hot swap features CableCreation Internal HD Mini SAS (SFF-8643 Host) - 4X SATA (Target) Cable,SFF-8643 to 4X SATA Cable,1.6ft, SFF-8643 for Controller, 4 Sata Connect to Hard Drive: Electronics

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Jan 11, 2013
Highly doubtful. I would point you towards reading the manual for the board to confirm, but that is almost assuredly only for carrying PCI express.