After nearly 2 weeks of EVAC from Fire I am Back


Build. Break. Fix. Repeat
Feb 15, 2015
Fire hitting almost 80,000 acres and around 50% containment and we have a dozer line as a back property boundary now as they stopped the fire RIGHT AT our property.

Once I'm re-settled back in I'll find some pics of when I left the day it exploded in size and the smoke went from wow that's huge to wow that's right above me now, and sheriff coming to my driveway with a car covered in retardant yelling at my telling me we had to go NOW the fire jumped the river, ran up the canyon, and was on my main road less than a mile away.

All of my family, dogs and farm animals are all fine. We did lose power and lost 50 CF of frozen meat, mainly meat from animals we raised here. Hoping insurance covers the cost to replace, but will never touch on the time\effort my whole family put in to raise it.

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