4TB 3PAR drives in sleds $52

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Sep 23, 2012
Midwest, US
Fyi, 3Par drives run custom firmware for their arrays and ymmv for how well it works outside of it.

I wouldn't touch Seagate with a 10 foot pole.
I've got a couple of 3Par spinner arrays with a mix of Hitachi and Seagate drives in them, I haven't seen failure rates any higher with either manufacture.

Jason Antes

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Feb 28, 2020
Twin Cities
Yes, I admin'd 3PAR's for10 years and never really saw a higher rate of failure between the different disks. As far as the custom firmware, most of it revolves around the spare block allocations and when it fails blocks from what I understand. I run several 2.5" 900GB disks from a 3PAR with other "standard" Proliant drives and haven't noticed any issues with them (all 10k spinners). I did have to reformat them to work (the whole 512 vs 520 issue).