128 Core, 512Gb 3200MHZ system for sale. Full or Part Out


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Mar 30, 2021
Howdy. It was suggested I post this here on the homelabsales subreddit.

I built a machine to do science in my basement late last year, but with mortgage rates being as low as they are my wife and I are trying to sell everything we can to get a down payment for a house early. These are the prices I paid for everything, I'd like to recoup the cost + fees and shipping. Almost all of it is now more expensive from what I've seen. Let me know if you see any cheaper source so I can keep pricing competitive.

ComponentPrice ($)Number
AMD Epyc 7742 ESSOLD0
Samsung 128Gb 3200 MHz RAM ECC9203
Dynatron A26 2U CoolerSOLD0
Rosewill ATX Mid-Tower CaseRepurposed1
FSP Hydro PTM Pro 1200WRepurposed1
Supermicro H11DSI Motherboard5501

Mobo components + PSU:
Setup booting out of case:
Setup booting in case: https://i.imgur.com/wu2yUaK.jpg

TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY SIX THREADS: https://i.imgur.com/JcM71hI.jpg

Will part out if you are interested in a significant amount of items. I'm not going to sell the PSU alone, for example, but if you want the PSU and all the RAM sticks then I'll part it out.

This is my first post here, you can also find my post on Reddit here

I'll show any ID or pictures you want if it makes you more comfortable with the purchase.
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