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  1. bob_dvb

    Blade chassis with blades for Intel C246 chipset

    Has anyone seen a blade system which has a blade with the new Intel C246 chipset yet? I am keen on using the new Xeon E 2186G CPUs in a blade configuration because of their ability to do video transcoding with the Intel HD Pro 620 GPU on board but I can only find Mini-ITX boards at the moment.
  2. R

    Future FreeNAS platform considerations (Intel Xeon E vs Xeon v6)

    I'm planning to build a FreeNAS in the near future (possibly around November/December). I would very much like to use an AMD based platform, but there seem to be some issues with Zen support even 18 months after it was released. Specifically I would like to use ECC RAM, and don't prefer to...