1. AveryFreeman

    Does anyone still use XenServer? And is it any good?

    Do you use xen server? Why? Is it any good anymore? It seems like it's dead, I don't ever hear anything about it. I think there was some kind of all-in-one OS released fairly recently that uses it that got a little attention, but I already forgot what it's called. Would like to hear from...
  2. H

    Dual Xeon XenServer Motherboard Recommendation

    Hi all, First of all, thanks to others on this site from whose experience I have benefited while researching a motherboard for a dual Xeon 2670 build I've been contemplating. Thanks especially to the guys from THIS THREAD As a software developer, I'm looking to build something at home that...
  3. M

    Need to control Bara-metal ESXi from Wi-Fi

    Hello, I am planning to create a home lab on my PC. My plan is to install a bara-metal Virtualization OS(e.g. ESXI or XenServer) on my PC and try to control them from my laptop via Wi-Fi. The Problem that I do not want to use any physical switches, I want to create a hotspot from the PC to...