1. AveryFreeman

    Does anyone still use XenServer? And is it any good?

    Do you use xen server? Why? Is it any good anymore? It seems like it's dead, I don't ever hear anything about it. I think there was some kind of all-in-one OS released fairly recently that uses it that got a little attention, but I already forgot what it's called. Would like to hear from...
  2. K

    Recommended Virtualization Solution?

    Hi! We just got two new DELL servers in the office with the following specs: - 2TB Disk Space (using RAID 5) - 192GB RAM - 2x 8 code Intel CPUs each (32 cores each) And we're now discussing which virtualisation solution would be the best to host multiple different environments (a kubernetes...
  3. E

    Somewhat highly available cluster

    Another post here today got me thinking about a project a friend of mine asked me about... Somewhat highly available system that will be I think a web server... He has 2 (and could get a 3rd) Intel NUC (nuc5ppyh I believe). Has low requirements and they have 250gb Ssd and 8gb. How would you...