1. Dreece

    Which CPU(s) are the kings in x265 encoding?

    I've been busy hibernating thus lost track of what is what and really can't seem to get any straight answers out of Google these days, even reviews tend to be more 'sponsor' agnostic these days... So I ask fellow oldies who hibernate with their eyes wide open... Do I go say Intel Platinum 8180...
  2. C

    For FFMPEG (x265) are 4 x 4650 v2 > 2 x 2680 v2?

    Hi, I am struggling to find enough information to make an educated choice as there is not many bench marks for quad socket systems. As x265 encoding is NUMA aware, are 4 x E5-4650 v2's better for encoding x265 then 2 x 2680 v2's? When I looked at the PassMark listing for Multi CPU's I was a bit...
  3. B

    Xeon ES/QS Benchmark Database

    Help us build a performance database on Intel Xeon ES/QS CPUs ( Single, Dual, Quad processor systems all accepted ). All you have to do is run the following benchmarks, and post your scores/results along with your CPU & system info. The benchmarks ( click on their name to download! ) to be...