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    Chelsio T420-BT and Arista DCS-7050T-64-F

    Hi, I have a strange trouble on my home lab. I have two Chelsio T420-BT on a Windows 2019 connected to two Arista DCS-7050T-64-F. The link is up for a few minutes and after the link came down. On windows, I have "Network cable unplugged". The link is up and stable if I set the speed of the port...
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    Server 2016 vs 2019 vs Win 10

    Hi everyone. My name is Boris, from Nevada. This is my first post. :) I’m getting a ProLiant ML350p Gen 8 server soon. It will arrive next week. The system doesn’t have any drives so that means it doesn’t have an OS. I am looking for recommendations and feedback on which version I should...